Welcome to Hired Gun Photography!

"Shooting memories for a lifetime! "

 Hired Gun Photography initial goal was to shoot action shots at sporting events, which includes hockey ringette and lacrosse tournaments. 
 When people noticed the quality of the photos, they started asking us to shoot a variety of other types of photography. This includes corporate and event photography as well as weddings, family portraits.
Please feel freee to contact us to discuss your event/corporate photography ideas and requirements.

Sports Photography Viewing Stations

This is our typical viewing station setup

This is what we bring to our sports photography events. We have a base system of 4 viewing stations and can expand to 7 view stations for the last day. As we typically photograph all the games this arrangement of viewing stations seems to work the best.

Custom  Banner Team Photos

This is an example fo the custom team banners we create. They come in a couple of sizes, up to 10" high and 36" long!
As this is not from a template, we insert a custom background, add your logos etc. for your approval before printing.
 Corporate Photography

  This is an example of our corportate-commercial photography.This was taken at the National Music Center in Calgary.

We also do corporate head shots as well as formal photography, which we have done a the corporate parties. This works well as everyone is usually dressed up for the event. As we have the option to use a green screen we can offer custom printed photos right at the event.

 This was taken at a Corporate event  at SAIT

With our oil and gas background and site training we are able to do some corporate photography that other photographers may not be able to do if there is any live site photography required. Since our business is built around coming to your place of work or event the posibilites are endless that we can provide. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can make a custom proposal to suite your needs.

These are a few photos we have taken over that last little while


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